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Yeyzorz Wozerzs

2010-06-11 01:03:11 by SHIFT-X-POWER

So, I got my first gig as King Bowser Koopa. I wonder how the flash'll turn out.
Anyway, Thanks to Endpunkt on my previous Post, he told me to post an audio demo.

I'll post that next week. Though...Where can I find the examples?

Oh, and I need to go to Burj Khalifa to get footage. I'm supposed to post footage on my youtube account.

Yeyzorz Wozerzs


2010-06-03 04:13:31 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Hmph. Well, I've been bored for the past 8 months.

Someone hire me for voices. I can do a lot. D:

Entry #3

2010-06-01 06:29:11 by SHIFT-X-POWER

I have gotten tired of just moping around in my house. I need to work! I need to help people!
I'm terrible at Animating, and I have low skills at music making. If I had a tablet, I could draw, but I lose focus too quickly. So, I need to voice act!

My name is Adventurous Moh, some people call me by my character's name. Dante Dragon. I'm 18 years old and I am a morbidly obese sonnovabich. Yet, I have a lot of friends, I have talent which could grow immensely if I tried, such as Music making. I can rap, but I can't make the beats. Drawing. I can draw, but my hands get sweaty and I lose focus. I can act, but I don't have anybody to act with me. Voice acting. I have a lot of accents I could use, but no one is actually hiring. :(

I implore you all to reconsider this, I am a moderately well voice actor from Dubai who could help you, the animator. :( I will even do it for free! Pfft. I mean, I don't want your money, I want your happiness. :)

yours, Moh.

P.S. I can't do women's voices. XD

Entry #3

Voice Acting.

2010-05-27 21:08:27 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Hi everybody, this is basically my second post in a very. VERY Long time.

I've recently tried to look for some voice acting opportunities on Newgrounds. But...I have failed in looking for a good one. With Animators who are sometimes douchey, I would want to treat them with respect and give what they need.

I, Adventurous Moh, am offering my voice as part of Flash movies.

so please, Help me succeed in fame and happiness. I wouldn't careless for money.


2009-05-27 20:36:00 by SHIFT-X-POWER

:D This is my first newgrounds post EVER. I love newgrounds and I'm happy that it's unblocked in the UAE! <3