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"Oh my! I've just returned! Yeah! Whoo" whatever.


I'm back and I want to do more voices, I've done one and would like to do more.

I've auditioned for a few YouTube videos and hopefully I'll do some here.

I have returned!

2012-12-10 12:10:41 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have returned and I'm ready.

You think I don't have what it takes? yQrsG3nk7bqZKvc_CLumgzl
My whole playlist of Generation Weekly, a show with GameRekon. :>


2012-08-21 22:18:38 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Hello ladies and gentlemen. :)
I know this is stupid but, if y'all are making ANY Flash and require voices, hit me up and I'll audition. If there are any auditions, I'll send you a message to ask.


Ladies and Gentlemen of Newgrounds,

My name is Moh Corleones and I have a voice. You guys are making flash animations, videos, whatever! You can take my voice and do whatever you want. Grandfather? I can do it. Kid? ...Uhh..Sorta. Hero? I might be able...not sure...

But whatever the voice, I'll try my best to do it and cash-free. :)


2012-07-17 02:21:39 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Since I'm into Voice Acting, please put in the comments of what voices I should do for my first voice demo.
Please, no Hate and trolling. :/

Ladies and Gentlemen.

2012-07-16 11:23:10 by SHIFT-X-POWER

I'm back after a LONG time of not knowing my password to this account and sad faces and stuff.

I'm back, I'm ready. My voice is better than ever and I wish to help people and entertain.

:) Here's to 2012's other half!

Totally bored...

2010-06-27 13:55:34 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Alright...I'm bored...

I'm so bored that I'm in need of a voice acting job!

So, whoever is hiring, tell me about the audition and that's it! I'll do the audition tape. :/


2010-06-24 15:11:59 by SHIFT-X-POWER


Vegetarianism is awesome! :D



So, please guys. Help me find more auditions. I need support from you guys. :(

I got two parts in two flash animations, I'm currently waiting for a third one.


2010-06-13 06:41:19 by SHIFT-X-POWER

Hi guys, me, Moh again. Could you guys tell me what voices I should do in my Voice Demo?

Yknow, like if I do old people, African American guys, Jamaican British guys, whatever!

Just tell me so I can make dem :x

Picture: I'M THINKING!